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How to Sell Your Luxury Home in CA

How to Sell Your Luxury Home in CA

August 16, 2014

Niche Interiors had the chance to catch up with Herman Chan, who is a widely known SF Real Estate Personality. He gave some tips on how to go about selling your home to buyers in that area. First off, he says that you want to catch someones eye so paint the front door a bold color to catch attention of the buyer. This, of course, should be done tastefully. You can see pictures on Niche Interiors blog here.

Next up, everyone wants to see a home that has been decluttered, repainted, and is staged professionally. Due to recent TV shows, this is what the population is expecting, so if they do not see this then it will be harder to sell. And lastly, different parts of California are catered to different people so depending on where you live and are trying to sell you will need to model your home for the individuals that mostly move to that area.

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