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Joy Street Designer Kelly Finley

Oakland Interior Designer

Oakland’s black interior design studio, Joy Street Design, is highly praised throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for their creative, bold, and solution-based designs. Kelly Finley and her team at Joy Street are able to meticulously enhance function and purpose in flawed floor plans as well as small, compact spaces. Along with solving design dilemmas, Joy Street Design is acclaimed for their introduction of edgy, one-of-a-kind styles. Eye-catching color palettes, unique materials and finishes, and personalized touches throughout, Joy Street Design is constantly exceeding all client expectations and often being rehired to complete additional rooms and homes!

Joy Street Design is a full-service interior design studio serving Oakland, Berkeley, East Bay, and other surrounding Bay Area neighborhoods.

Oakland Residential Remodeling

From full renovations to specialty kitchen and bath design, Joy Street Design has the expertise, experience, and resources to guide you through a home remodel, no matter the project scope or budget. Principal of Joy Street, Kelly Finley, holds degrees in both interior design and business, making her an invaluable asset to a home improvement project. A pragmatic approach coupled with a creative vision is what easily sets Kelly and her Joy Street team apart from other Bay Area design studios. Clients gravitate towards her warm and approachable personality, but fall in love with her artistic vision and practical design sense.

Joy Street Design is a one-stop-shop for homeowners looking to remodel their interiors! Along with custom design, design planning, and full-service interior design, they provide strong project management, working closely with contractors and architects, which ensures each client has a smooth and enjoyable experience!

Bay Area Interior Design & Remodeling

Joy Street Design works throughout the Bay Area, bringing homes to life and solving stubborn design dilemmas. Owned by Kelly Finley, she and her team are known for creating beautiful and bold custom interiors that cater to the needs of young couples, families, and professionals. Joy Street Design is praised for their ability to hone in on their clients’ unique style, never imposing their own tastes, and taking strong initiative to get their projects completed on time and on budget. As an African-American interior designer, Kelly has garnered the attention of her community.

Joy Street Design offers a wide range of design services, from full-home renovations and custom kitchen & bath remodels to full-service interior design. Follow their Bay Area projects via Pinterest, and Instagram!

Joy Street Design
4308 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94609