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Denver Interior Design Studio

MARGARITA BRAVO, a luxury interior design boutique based in Denver, has won the hearts of their clients and design industry leaders alike. Founded by award-winning designer Margarita Bravo, this high-end studio has been leaving a mark on the Denver design scene. As a world traveler, former industrial engineer, and mother of two, Margarita brings a unique perspective to the design process. Her pragmatic, creative, and intuitive approach to design helps ease her clients into the process, bringing out their authentic design style and merging that with high functionality and timeless beauty. Her unique skill set continuously results in the ultimate client experience coupled with everlasting finishes that reflect her client’s personality influenced by Margarita’s personal touch.

Englewood Interior Design

MARGARITA BRAVO raises the bar on upscale interior design and remodeling services in Englewood. Offering a one-of-a-kind design, client-centered experience to all of their clients, MARGARITA BRAVO is hands on throughout the entire process, from conception to completion, ensuring clients have an enjoyable time with minimized stress knowing their design will be completed on time, on budget, and with the utmost quality.

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Cherry Hills Luxury Interior Designer

Interior design studio MARGARITA BRAVO brings excitement and creativity to modern and contemporary design. Finding inspiration within her clients and the world around them, MARGARITA BRAVO beautifully balances elegance, modernism, and the client’s own creativity to create homes that ring true to each person’s unique style. MARGARITA BRAVO fosters spaces that clients love for years to come, integrating timeless pieces that will age gracefully and ensuring the home’s design and decor are high-quality and long lasting.

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601 S Broadway, Suite G
Denver, CO 80209

886 NE 79th St
Miami, Florida 33138