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The Right Wall Color For Your Style

The Right Wall Color For Your Style

May 17, 2017

Wondering what wall color to use in your home but aren’t so sure what will be the best fit for your current design or style? Picking the right color can be time-consuming and stressful, so here are a few professional tips to guide you in the right direction and get the look you want with a wall color that matches your style.


Image Source: Lumar Interiors

Traditional style homes tend to use more of a neutral color scheme when it comes to their walls, such as white and beige. However, if you want to go one step further, with a richer color palette with tones of burgundy and shades of brown, you will see a smoother and more sophisticated appearance when blending with the traditional darker wooden decor.


Image Source: Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors

When it comes to contemporary homes, there is a wider range of suitable wall colors to choose from. Keep in mind, though, that the tones which work the best with this style tend to be of a softer, lighter hue that will provide a subtle background. For example, a dark background with the usual white decor wouldn’t look nearly as elegant or fluid as a room with light grey or white walls. Try sticking to a soft neutral color palette, which will create a clean and polished look.


Image Source: Design Directives

Warm, collected, and refreshing in all its simple glory and antiquated charm. The rustic style highlights natural beauty and an unwavering, irrepressible spirit. For this type of home, the ideal colors to use are beige, white, and dark woods. These earth tones can be combined for an effortlessly natural appearance when paired with stone and wood. Natural colors also blend fabulously well with rustic textiles, such as throw pillows, blankets, and area rugs.

If you want a classic rustic style in your home, look to Southwest designs, as these homes often exude a natural look, with their dark features and wooden furnishings.

Beach Style

Image Source: Bayberry Cottage

A bright and breezy coastal style will allow you to set sail straight to the seaside from no matter where you call home. For this style, blues, whites, and soft yellows create the perfect beach vibe. Try using different variations of the colors, such as painting whites on the walls and blues on the ceilings or vice versa as pictured above. These hues create vibrant tones that are contemporary with beach imagery, which cause surrounding scenery and decor to ‘pop.’

Transitional Style

Image Source: Crespo Design Group

Colors for transitional style homes are a bit similar to rustic designs – a neutral color palette – with the exception of using jewel tones as well. The combination of earth tones and soft metallic colors add complexity to the beautiful but simplistic transitional look.

Although vibrant colors are not (typically) used in a transitional home, don’t be afraid to have fun with fabrics! Area rugs, blankets, curtains, and throw pillows all mostly in calming neutrals, your home will pop with the texture these textiles bring.

No matter which style you’re headed for, choosing a suitable wall color is undoubtedly an essential and major part of the whole process. You don’t necessarily have to be a top interior designer to see that a color may clash with its surroundings or know if it syncs perfectly with your decor. Don’t worry; if you think it looks good, it definitely does.