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The Numerous Shades of White

The Numerous Shades of White

September 18, 2014

Talianko Design Group’s recent blog is about all of the numerous shades of white there are to decorate your interior with! When searching for the right white for your room, interior designers use the Color Temperature, which allows them to figure out what white is best with what light is being used in the room. The top three paint companies offer over 100+ whites each, so there are many different ones to chose from.

So, how do you know what white will work best? The first thing to consider is your main light source, and then next to look at all of the accessories in the room. The next thing to do is to go get paint samples, bring them home and test them out under the lighting conditions present in that specific room. Talianko Design Group also has a blog on how to select paint samples, so head on over to their blog now!

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