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Interior Design Project Management Software

If you’ve been in the interior design business for any length of time, you know that 90% of your job is paperwork, project management and problem solving. You are creative, with an eye for design and the passion that ignites it. However, in order to make a profit, the mountains of paperwork are a necessity, right?

Studio Webware offers an alternative.

Designed specifically for interior designers, by interior designers who understand the needs and framework of the business. Studio Webware is an over-arching business software system to manage all of your interior design business needs. It provides in-depth management of your projects, scheduling, timelines, accounting and inventory.

Studio Webware is cloud-based. This means freedom for you. It is accessible from your clients’ home, studio or coffeeshop. Even if your computer were to crash, your information is safe and available online 24/7.

As it is streamlined for designers, it enables you to utilize many functions, as you need them. Anytime. Anywhere. With Studio Webware you can shop for fabrics and furniture, upload your choices to your smartphone, create an instant proposal, email this proposal to your client, and get their approval and online payment within minutes. You can then place your order and have all of your “paperwork” done before you leave the store.

Studio Webware also allows you to see at a glance the profitability of your business, without having to pay for and wait on an accountant to write up a report. You are able to track the amount of time spent on a project in order to focus your time and maximize your profits. Studio Webware allows you to see in minutes your profit per job and gives an easy overview of how your business is doing.

The ease-of-use coupled with optimum functionality specific to the interior design industry, frees you to spend less time working on paperwork, and more time designing. This allows you to attract more affluent clients, while appearing professional and organized, ultimately increasing your income and job satisfaction.

Studio Webware
Denver, CO