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Storage Solutions with Kids in Mind!

Storage Solutions with Kids in Mind!

July 11, 2014

At Niche Interiors they know it’s summer time and that means it can be hard to keep the house clean with all the kids toys around. So they share a few of the coolest tips on how to create some chic looking storage for your kids toys and keep it looking fab, clutter-free, and easily accessible! According to Niche Interiors, one of the easiest ways to hide all the kids toys is though using furniture that is also storage. This way you have functional pieces in your space that look great but hide the mess from the guests!

Why not use open shelving? It is another easy way to keep things accessible to the kids but to keep everything looking neat and clean. And lastly look for stylish bins that you can include in your spaces in your household that match your decor but that can hold the essentials. Now head on over to Niche Interiors to check out the rest of their great ideas!

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