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Portland Interior Design and Remodel



Portland Interior Designer

A good interior designer reflects the modern and stylish living of Portland and its surrounding areas. Through an exceptional eye for color, architecture, and scale, unique homes are created that exceed all expectations and adhere to each client’s personal taste and lifestyle needs. A good interior designer’s effortless skill at high-end residential interior design brings her clients’ visions to life while encouraging a positive and memorable experience. Through her keen eye for textiles, colors, and furnishings, she has honed in on harmoniously elegant and contrasting interiors that speak true to each client.

Clients refer to her as energetic, approachable, and genuine. She strives to be their biggest advocate when it comes to happy, functional living and works tirelessly to foster her clients’ ultimate dream homes that will last a lifetime.


Pearl District Interior Design Firm

As a highly successful interior design provider, she is one of the top designers in Portland’s trendy Pearl District. Employing both her expertise in interior design and architecture, she has proved to be a one-stop-shop for clients. She boasts a wealth of education within the design and build community with a degree in interior design as well as being an avid participant in the building and architecture sectors, including having membership in the National Association Home Buildings, Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland (serving two years on the Board of Directors), and Portland Remodelers Organizations.

She proves to be well versed in everything design, continuously looking for ways to grow and deepen her understanding. Her interiors are well-crafted and cohesively merge interior aesthetics with architectural and Pacific Northwest qualities. Her thoughtfulness and commitment to the design industry has paid off, as she is a multi-award winning designer — taking home awards ranging from Best Interior Design to Best Color.
Learn more about her design and build endeavors through her Houzz.


Laurelhurst Full-Service Design

A good interior designer delivers unparalleled results for her upscale Laurelhurst interior design clients. A good interior designer offers luxury interior design that focuses on the daily needs that will increase functionality in our everyday, busy lives. Her approach to interior decorating is also unique, exhibiting a strong connection to the way color, pattern, and scale come together. Her designs boast refreshing styles with just the right amount of intriguing color paired with artisanal and tailored pieces that really come together for a sophisticated yet everyday livable home.

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