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Phoenix Interior Design

Megan Stone is the Principal Designer of The High Road Design Studio, where she does full-service interior design for clients that want a functional, relaxing, and inspiring space. This Phoenix interior designer begins with a consultation; then plans out how everything will work; makes a design concept; then presents the concept for approval; designs and installs; and then refines her work. This Tempe interior designer works with her clients to create a specific space that is catered to their personal needs. As a Scottsdale interior designer, she designs some of the areas finest homes.


Tempe Interior Designer

Megan Stone is a preferred Arizona Interior Designer, she provides you with a specific plan that you can implement on your own accord, or if near her, she can work with you in person. Stone knows how to adjust to your specific needs. She can also do an over the phone interview for her consulting services that will allow her to better fit your needs.

The High Road Design Studio
Phoenix, AZ