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No more Tuscan Styles

No more Tuscan Styles

July 31, 2014

As of late, Amy Wolff Interiors has been asked to get rid of their clients Tuscan styled interiors and replace it with lighter, soft, and clean contemporary lined interiors. According to their recent blog, what they call Tuscan in the West is actually more of a Mexican, Spanish, Old World, antique mix rather than an actual Tuscany countryside style. They suggest a few easy steps to get you started yourself on how to revamp your own place from the Tuscany style.

First off declutter, it’s the easiest way to make the space feel fresh and lighter. Changing the lamps from masculine to whimsical is the next, but instead of investing in an entirely new lamp you can just add a new lamp shade that is lighter to an old base. Next up is to replace the heavy pillow fabrics, such as leather, with something summery and light feeling. Then replace your bedding with something lighter and paint an accent wall in a lighter or brighter color to add a bit of freshness to the space. For more tips head on over to see the rest of their blog now!

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