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Healthy Homes Conference

Healthy Homes Conference

May 26, 2014

Niche Interiors attended the Healthy Homes Conference which was sponsored by PG&E and Build it Green. Arlene Blum, a biophysical chemist who was responsible for the elimination of flame retardants in Californias upholstered furniture, was there discussing her latest movement to get flame retardants out of sofas. They learned about some of the key components in flame retardants, such as, PentaBDE, which is banned globally.

This chemical is one of only 23 which is banned globally but is responsible for endocrine disruption, neurodevelopmental problems, lower IQ, and cancer. Happily they found out that furniture makers are beginning to make foam without the flame retardants. Starting July 1st, some manufacturers will begin selling furniture without these flame retardants, which are not banned, just no longer required.

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