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3 Ways to Help On Earth Day

3 Ways to Help On Earth Day

April 29, 2014

Niche Interiors wishes everyone a Happy Earth Day by providing some useful tips on how you can make a difference by what you choose to include in your home. The first recommendation is to get FSC certified wood for your floors, cabinets, and furniture. They also recommend to reuse wood where you can as to help save our trees.

The second recommendation to help the earth is to invest in quality furniture so that you are not subjecting our earth to bigger landfills. If you can’t afford that then try adding a new stain to old furniture or reupholstering some of your furniture. Their third Earth Day tip is to shop local, this cuts down on many costs such as fossil fuels used to ship them to the US. This Earth Day why not try sharing these tips to show your friends what they can do to help!

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